James Ullrich, M.A. LMHCA

Finding Renewal in Springtime

Originally published on my Psychology Today blog. Springtime is on its way. The sunshine is returning and bringing with it the promise of blossoming trees, long days and summertime fun. The typical spring day carries the smell of blooming flowers on the breeze and the chirping of birds […]

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Creating Control in 2015

Originally published on my  Psychology Today blog. Each New Year brings with it the promise of starting fresh or tackling that long-standing item on the bucket list. It’s a great opportunity to commit to something that can enhance your well-being, the most popular being health-related. We all […]

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New Studies On Emotional Impact of U.S. Work Culture

Originally published on my Psychology Today blog. An ongoing theme of this blog has been the profoundly negative effects of stress and overwork induced by our work culture, both of which are chronic problems that are undermining our emotional (and physical) healthy every day. Now comes news of […]

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